Fishnets and a Pink Dream

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Hello everyone,

I bet some of you are watching “The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All” right now as am I!

How about that Chad, huh? I am kind of hoping they make Luke the next  Bachelor

If you have seen some of my previous posts, you probably know how addicted I am to fishnets. I have them in nude, white, red, black and these pink ones. I also like the different designs on them. And this pink skirt is a dream! It’s loose and floaty and the pink is not quite a Pepto Bismol kind of pink. It is by George and it is also a purchase from a consignment store.

I do not know what pink does to you, but it makes me feel alive. It is one of those colors that lifts my spirit and makes me feel fresh and innocent. What does pink do to you? Any thoughts?

Thank you for stopping by!

Much love,



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