A Few Summer Jewerly Picks


Nordstrom Rack /Bebe
Consignment Shops/Nordstrom
Forever 21/Consignment Shops


I just thought I would share some of my summer jewerly picks. Not to say that they should not be worn other times of the year, but the necklaces on the very first picture, I think, are very summery. And who does not love cheap finds?!

You can find all kinds of good pieces for low prices at Nordstrom Rack, one of my favorite stores. And of course, unique things on eBay and consignment/thrift shops. That necklace from Shoedazzle was a gift from one of my sisters.

Like jewerly, broochs can really bring an outfit from plain to unforgettable. That is another thing, like scarves, I feel that brooches cans also tell a story.

Any thoughts or pics to share?

Thank you for stopping by!

Much love,






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