Mixing Bright Colors

H&M Coat, H&M skirt, H&M earrings, J.Crew ruffles blouse, Chelsea stockings, Saks Fifth Avenue booties.







Is hot pink and orange too much?

 Orange is one of my favorite colors because it really brings out my naturally tanned complexion.

But mixing it with hot pink? Not something I have tried before because I used to play it more on the safe side.

However, lately, I have found myself wanting to take more risks while still looking stylish and not messy.

So, when this contest with Bloglovin’ and H&M came up, I thought I would risk it with the outfit above. A little bit of my style and a little bit of a change. And loving it!

I love H&M because I can keep up with trends at a reasonable price while getting good quality items. And when they opened their first ever store in Denver, Colorado in 2011, I had to request the day off of work and be one of the first in line at the 16th Street Mall downtown.

That is when I got this hot pink skirt, which I love and it is one of my favorites!

Not to leave out the countless jeans, sweaters, and leather pants I have gotten there!

This outfit is so much fun! I had a good laugh with my photographer husband doing the shoot, too.

And to be fair, if you have ever watched HBO’s “Girls”, I was going for a little bit of Shoshanna’s look.

What do you think of the above combination? Is it a do or is it a don’t?!

Please share your thoughts!

Much love,






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