Treasure Hunting


Torrini necklace



Unbranded Earrings


Consignment, vintage, thrift store shopping… Whatever we call it, can be amazing. I call it “treasure hunting.”

I know I have posted about this before but I have found some unique beautiful things and I can not help but wonder about the people some of these things belonged to. I am now happily married, but when my ex-fiancee and I broke up, I walked into a local thrift store holding a beautiful wedding dress, shoes, necklace and earrings, and a half a carat princess cut diamond ring in white gold. One of the sales people in there asked me if I wanted to buy that and I said “no, I am donating. Do you want them?” I handed them to her and turned around out of the store. I know… The right thing would have been returning the ring to him, but I wasted 5 years out of my life with someone who did not appreciate me, so that is the least I could do.

I am the type of person that if my sister says she likes my sweater, I get her one exactly like it, and if I can not find one like it, I give her mine. My point is that I am not attached to things, no matter how much I like them, unless of course, it was given to me by someone special, like my deceased mother. My engagement ring had some sentimental value until he cheated on me.

Some of the pieces here are unique, beautiful pieces that I imagine had sentimental value to some to whoever owned them and I wonder how parting from them effects them, if so. Do they regret it afterwards? Do they feel sad about it? Or do they feel relief?

I found those things above in a local thrift store. I love both. I’m not sure how much the earrings are worth, but I find them incredibly beautiful. The necklace is also very beautiful. It just caught my eye for being so unique. Imagine my surprise when I looked it up after we left the store and found out that it is worth $7,300.00 and I got it 50% off of $7.99.

I am more intrigued about what these things meant to the people who owned them and what the story behind is.

Have you ever regretted letting go of something that was given to you out of love because you were hurt at the time and needed to put it behind you?

Please share your story!

Much love,



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